SYNCRO is an organization active in the field of education, personal development, skill training and youth support. Syncro was founded in 2010, with the aim of supporting the enhancement of quality of living and development of human potential through powerful educational and personal development experiences. Being a part of International Synergy Group we are joined in the common vision of the world that works for everyone.

Our mission is to encourage young people to reach their potential, to create a learning space through personal development trainings, to support education and involvement of young people, especially those with fewer opportunities, to provide opportunities for cooperation in the youth field and to create opportunities for expression of creativity and enjoyment in life, while including everyone.

Activities of Syncro are focused on youth support, education and personal development. The purpose of the activities is to empower people to develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge for responsible and quality life, to become active citizens and to take an active role in their lives and in the lives of their communities. Specifically, it is implementation of the international personal development trainings, youth exchanges, experiential learning in the outdoors, teaching various technical skills, coaching, group moderation, communication skills, awareness programs, sports and community projects, to learn how to overcome physical and mental challenges that result in building self-esteem and discovering one’s own full capacities, which can later be transferred to everyday life. Special accent is also given to realizing social and environmental responsibility and feeling the impact of one’s actions on the group and society as a whole.

The target groups are young people, youth workers, and adults active in the field of youth work and working with people, youth coming from broken families, youth with disabilities and coming from the disadvantaged background and minority groups.

We use non-formal education methods: experiential learning, learning through playing, personal development methods, outdoor education, creativity workshops, coaching, theater, and dance.

Since June 2013, Syncro has successfully prepared organized and implemented 1 training course, 12 youth exchanges, 3 long-term EVS projects and 1 short term EVS project. Currently, we are implementing 2 long term EVS projects.

Besides the projects that we are implementing by ourselves, Syncro team has various experiences in participating in training on topics such as personal development, body awareness, communication and coaching skills, media tools, employment and outdoor activities.  Also, in the past 5 years, we have been partners in more than 50 projects where we supported and gave the opportunity to more than 200 young people to participate in such activities as well. Besides this, in the past two years, we have supported 25 young people from Croatia who have participated in our EVS partnerships projects from one month to up to 1 year in Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, and Malta.

For more information, please visit our website.

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