Agnė Dulkytė


Agnė Dulkytė, 21


Experience in raising the awareness of the EU mobility policy, youth workers and etc.

  1. Been a local coordinator of Erasmus in schools project.  So I’ve visited two schools and talked about mobility programs, encouraged young people to travel.
  2. Held a workshop during NP26 about Erasmus+ program.
  3. Always help IRO to find students from our university to join ERASMUS+ program by making discussion (Is Erasmus+ worth trying?), handing out leaflets and sharing registration links in between students.
  4. Always answering questions and making training in between section members about ERASMUS+ program and encouraging them to participate in youth exchange projects.

Why have you decided to participate in this project?

I’m currently studying in Lithuanian university of educational sciences in bachelor studies in the biology program. After I finish I’m thinking of becoming a teacher so this kind of knowledge, gained during this project will reach target people because I would willingly share my experiences with my future students.  I think that traveling broadens your mind and the information you get must be shared among people. There are a lot of opportunities that young people don’t use so I want to be equipped and ready to show them the possibilities that they miss.

What are your expectations of this training course?

I would love to meet new people with same interests but different knowledge, cultural backgrounds – so it might help me to grow as a person. I would like to know more about the possibilities to travel, how everything works in different counties, what difficulties they face and by sharing advises/good practices to improve mobility among youngsters.

What does work with young people mean to you?

Oh it means a lot to me. Firstly, I wanted to become a teacher since I was a little child and when I became a teenager I realized that teaching people and sharing my knowledge is my passion. Secondly, it is a very responsible thing to do, because you shape youngsters minds by your authority as a teacher/camp leader/elder. And finally, it gives me an opportunity to grow/learn from others, help and support them, so it’s a perfect way to be useful to society.

Life motto:

Homo homines. (Latin) Human for human (literally). Human is made for another human being (more accurate translation).

Social Media:

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