Inter Alia (IA) is a not-for-profit private organization & think-tank, established in March 2013 in Athens, Greece. Inter Alia’s central aim is raising awareness of the EU citizens on available channels for acting, participating & shaping Europe. For achieving these, the organisations uses 4 main tools of action:

  • Analysis – publishing original analyses that touch upon contemporary developments & concepts and communicate them in an understandable way;
  • Research – publishing original multidisciplinary research pieces & collections related to cultural, political and social issues of Europe;
  • Debate – promoting interaction between experts and the public through workshops & seminars with the underlying goal of making our notion of Europe more popular & understandable;
  • Networking – supporting and promoting views & activities of organizations that share our vision for an active and assertive European demos.

Inter Alia has both held and has been a partner in a series of non-formal learning projects, under all Key Actions of the Erasmus+ Programmes as the “Game of Challenges” KA1 (2015), “The Young Side of the Moon”, KA2 (2014-2015), the European Network of Organizations KA3, (2015), the “Building Bridges” in 19 high-schools all over Greece promoting social participation, etc. Currently Inter Alia is partner in different Erasmus + projects (KA1, KA2 and KA3) concerning methods in non-formal education, capacity building in remote rural areas and social inclusion of youngsters with fewer opportunities, Europe for Citizens, etc.

Inter Alia as well conducts regularly events in the city of Athens and all over Greece, as public debates on employability, simulation on unemployment, debate on democracy, debate on political corruption & particularism etc.

In addition, Inter Alia cooperates with various schools in Greece, primary, secondary and high schools and has implemented a number of successful projects. Specifically, we are in close relations with 3 High-schools and 1 primary school from the wider region of Arta. Currently, we are implementing a twinning project between the Primary school in Skoulikaria, Arta and a primary school in Ziguinchore, Senegal.

For more information, please visit their website here or Facebook page.



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