Piedzīvojuma Gars


Adventure Spirit (Piedzīvojuma Gars – PG) is a Latvian non-profit non-governmental organization of adventure seekers founded in 2011 that works on developing young people through outdoor activities.

They organize both summer and winter camps, go on hikes and expeditions to unknown places, experiment with different non-formal methods (such as rope-jumping and diving ice-holes). They do leadership trainings where youngsters learn to set up their aims, overcome their fears, efficiently work in a team, manage conflicts and build a good atmosphere in the group. The organization works mostly on a regional level, but are also leading national trainings and are starting to go international through Erasmus+.

They enjoy putting people into situations where they have to communicate, cooperate and communicate some more by providing a safe, challenging and flexible environment for them to learn, often outdoors, which we use as a tool for personal development. They are not afraid of putting cold, height, water or fire in use.

For more information, please visit their website here.

pdTJkdj2  logo-erasmus-plus



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