Welcome to OPEN Education

Mamouzakis.jpgDear Trainers,

My name is Panagiotis and I am fortunate to facilitate the OPEN Education training next month in Cyprus.

I want to welcome you in the training and tell you few words about it.

Before that allow me to tell you few things about me. I am from Athens, Greece and at the moment I am earning my living delivering training activities and consulting trainers and training developers. In my free time, I am developing 2 social start-ups, one connected with New Media and one connected with non-formal learning.

I have been working with DOREA Educational Institute since 2015 and I always had the need to meet, work and exchange learning with the fellow trainers of DOREA. Additionally, DOREA is an innovative educational institute spread in 10 countries around Europe and is always looking for impactful learning practices and motivated trainers to come close the organization. For these reasons actually, we created this training that we will all meet.

During these days of the training, we will work with each other, we will experiment with some training approaches some of us already use, we will support each other, we will move, we will play, we will have fun and we will have the chance to get a glimpse of the magical island of Cyprus. I am personally extremely impatient to meet with all of you new and old friends in the OPEN Education training.

Given that the training design is focused in exchanging good practices I would like to ask you to bring with you a gift, some of your peak practices as a trainer. What is what you like to share with all of us? What approaches you are busy or already using and you think can be of a benefit to each other but also for DOREA training programs.

I already spoke with some of you with about some ideas so we can include them in the context of the training. Still, bring with you also some of your favourite small activities that they do not demand complicated material that we can work with in small groups or in big groups. This is actually the so-called “homework” that I ask you to do before the training and it is not pre-requirement to do but it will support you to prepare for that.

If you have any ideas on how to contribute with the content with your approaches, questions or inquiries feel free to approach me otherwise we meet in Cyprus.

Best Regards,



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