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“Izdzīvo ideju” (“Survive the idea”) is a non-governmental organization focused on the development of youngsters and adults by using non-formal education, outdoor and adventure activities. It was established 8 years ago as a platform for creating new ideas and by now the organization has been working very successfully through projects and other international and national level activities.

Their main aims are:

– To promote the active and healthy lifestyle in Latvia and abroad, by involving youngsters, adults, and families.

-To promote the development of adventure and outdoor education in Latvia and abroad.

-To promote new ways of sports in Latvia and abroad.

The organization works with various target groups. Most of the times, these are youngsters and young adults with the willingness to grow and gain personal development through adventure and outdoor activities.

They also work with a lot of teachers, youth workers, school personnel, and NGOs. The organization gives competencies on how to make the learning process more meaningful by adding a value of non-formal education and adventure and outdoor education.

For more than 5 years, they have had a great cooperation with Olde Vechte foundation and since then they have had several training courses on personal and group development. Together with other partners, they have created meaningful and long lasting projects and there are many young people who have been inspired by them.

For more information, please visit their website here.

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