ProActive’n GO, z.s


ProActive’n GO, z.s. is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in the Czech Republic. It was established in January 2017 by a group of young enthusiastic people with shared sense of pro-activism.

Their mission is to help others to explore the world of opportunities waiting out there for everyone who wants to be part of positive changes in our society.

They aim to bring together young people in unifying sense of dignity, active citizenship, solidarity, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion, helping them to understand and accept each other despite their different social environment, family background, religion or nationality.

They use non-formal educational methods with its key concept of learning by doing and experiencing. And their goal is to help young people to develop their competencies, skills and experience in order to boost their confidence and reach full potential. They search and offer the youth activities where they can gain valuable experiences, acquire soft skills and therefore improve their job opportunities.

ProActive’n GO, z.s. is interested in creating mutually beneficial partnerships with associations, organizations and institutions that share the common goals or ideas and cooperate towards the education and development of youth. Specially in the cooperation and partnership under the Erasmus+ Programme.

They prepare youth exchanges and training courses and develop their skills though the European Voluntary Service. They are also open to new projects under the European Solidarity Corps and to partnerships with companies under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme.

Besides, they strive for different kinds of cooperation with our colleagues from both public and private sectors as well as individuals who share the common values and are willing to cooperate towards the common good.

They put special emphasis on youth living in rural areas of the Czech Republic and on those with fewer opportunities. To be able to accomplish their upcoming plans, they need various types of resources which can be provided through support or sponsorship .

For more information, please visit their website here.

pro active  logo-erasmus-plus


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