Communication is more than words

Well rested after the last night’s cultural activities the participants were excited to start a new day. Although, the Cyprus weather was suggesting to spend the day at the beach, the participants were eager to explore the different communication styles. After doing a small test that more or less gave and described their most used style, the participants, with the help of the trainer, then completed several interesting activities exploring all four communication styles. In pairs, they had to talk about themselves in their native language to another participant that had no knowledge of the spoken language. Creating an amusing atmosphere, the participants observed each other’s posture, intonation and hand gestures as the styles of the person sharing the story switched.


After lunch, the participants were invited to some cake and to celebrate DOREA Educational Institute 5 years’ birthday. Following the chitchats, the training continued. Participants had to share a short story about themselves, and their life as a trainer. At the end of the training day the participants formed groups to create a poster for a fictional photography workshop to learn to use and combine all four styles of communication to promote the workshop practicing how to include information, prepare an effective headline and how they should attract people to the event with the help of the 4 styles. Sharing the final work the participants had to explain how they used the communications styles and discussed which elements attracted the most attention.





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