Diversity for an orange. Day 2

As the second day of the training started the participants were definitely more comfortable among each other. The day was filled with challenging group exercises of communication. Why challenging? The participants had the task to exchange a simple, local orange for something more valuable. And as it appears there are great communicators (and “dealers”) among the participants. The groups came back with wine bottles, a flower pot, stuffed teddy bear, gum, candles and more. The participants had fun walking around the streets of Limassol presenting their task to the locals and getting different reactions – not all exchanges were successful, as few requests were denied. But the participants did not give up and came back with promising results.



In the evening the participants had the chance to celebrate the diversity in the Intercultural evening. Each country’s participants had their own table to represent their culture with stories, food, videos, dances and great experiences. The presentations lasted for several hours with variations of some traditional dances and non-formal chats outside the training time. After all the country representatives had a chance to promote their country and organization the rest of the evening was free for further bonding and making lasting memories.




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