Summary of 1st day!

Wandering eyes, little chitchats between the first arriving participants was the start of the Erasmus+ KA1 “Own the Potential of Environment in Non-formal Education” training course in Limassol, Cyprus. As the venue filled with the participants from Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Denmark, Romania and Croatia the programme started.


After being welcomed by the DOREA Team and the trainer Panagiotis Mamouzakis the participants got to know each other by interacting in interesting activities.  Exploiting the room, the participants exchanged their names and even took it up a notch when they had to share information about themselves without talking – some did acrobatic tricks and some shook hands, shared emotional hugs. After forming groups for upcoming training days, the warm Cyprus weather lured the participants outside to the terrace to discuss and share their stories and interests as a first group activity.


After lunch, the groups presented the diverse findings about each other and what each of them expects of the training and the upcoming days as well as the concepts of trainer and facilitator.





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