Sonja Velic


Sonja Velic, 29


Experience in developing training course, working with young people, etc.

My experience in training development evolved around TC’s I developed in Serbia, The Netherlands, and Ireland where I worked mainly with young people facing long-term unemployment and feelings of being stuck in life. Those TC’s were developed through Youth in Action/Erasmus + Programme, other fundings or were “open call”.

Why have you decided to participate in this project?

I noticed that in my training development I tend to focus on the methodology, content and the dynamic of the learning process neglecting the environmental impact on the learning process and outcomes.

What are your expectations of this training course?

In this training course, I would like to learn how to enhance and harness the powerful impact of the learning environment on the process and outcomes of learning so that I can create more meaningful training that will benefit young people even more.

What does work with young people mean to you?

As it is at the moment, formal educational system lacks the capacity to guide young people towards developing crucial life skills and supporting sets of beliefs towards life. As a result, a lot of young people feel lost and disempowered. I see youth work as a phenomenal opportunity to fill that gap and empower young people to be the best they can.

Life motto:

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.

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