Marija Radalj

Marija Radalj, 22


Experience in developing training course, working with young people, etc.

 Currently, I am a member of an NGO called ”Inclusion movement”, an association of young people who are enthusiastically using all their capacities in fighting against discrimination and intolerance. We actively promote inclusive education; advocating for inclusion of youth with disabilities in education, helping young people to understand the importance of human rights, and informing them about their rights and opportunities. Also, until now, I have facilitated and moderated youth exchanges, training, seminars, and panel-discussions in order to show youth that learning process can be done not only in the strict and formal way but also in a non-formal way by using funny, creative and innovative methods.

Some of the most important projects that I have participated in are the following:

  • “Dismantling the city, natural option”, Íscar, Valladolid, Spain –  Youth exchange funded by Erasmus + which brought together 6 different countries.  The aim of the project was to teach us how to organize various so-called “free-time activities”. Also, one of the main goals of this project was the discussion about youth employment opportunities in rural areas and ideas how to improve it
  • Training course ”Eu school of T-skills & Self-employment, Avala, Serbia – The purpose of this training course was to increase understanding of transversal skills and to help participants improve their professional and business skills toward the T-shaped concept. I was one of the facilitators during this TC
  • MOOC on “Erasmus+ Funding Opportunities for Youth”- KA1 and KA3-This MOOC equipped me with the basic knowledge and understanding of how to use various funding opportunities and fulfill the funding requirements for international youth exchanges, EVS, the mobility of youth workers, and SD projects(KA3).

My next training course as a facilitator will be from the 22nd of April to the 28th of April and it’s called  Self-employment & micro business”.

Why have you decided to participate in this project?

So far I have had the opportunity to find myself many times in different intercultural environment such as youth exchanges, training, conferences, etc.  From my point of view, the experience that Erasmus + program offers us is undoubtedly one of the most significant and most valuable things.

Being surrounded by people from all around the Europe, I have learned how actually important is that young people exchange their ideas, express their opinions and help each other to improve their skills in a creative and innovative way. Moreover, I am really keen on sharing my knowledge and improving it at the same time by being in an intercultural environment with other highly experienced and motivated people. Also, I am very keen on getting to know new learning methods in non-formal education, since I will have a chance to apply them on some further projects that I will organize.

What are your expectations of this training course?

I usually try not to expect much, because sometimes it might bring disappointments.

Anyway, am sure that this project will definitively help me to broaden my knowledge regarding to learning methods in non-formal education,  and that I will be able to implement some of them in my home country when I come back.

What does work with young people mean to you?

Youth work from my point of view has both educational and entertaining impact.  As I have already mentioned, I think that nowadays young people working together can motivate each other a lot to create and share their ideas and experiences.

Life motto:

“Always try to do your best. That way you won’t be able to blame yourself for anything. “

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