Dāvis Kiršfelds

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Dāvis Kiršfelds, 23


Experience in developing training course, working with young people, etc.

I have been working with youth organizations for more than 6 years and participated in a lot of youth exchanges and training that improve the use of non-formal education as a method for learning.

Why have you decided to participate in this project?

As I have decided to come back to working with youth on training and team building groups of youngsters, I have an interest in going to this exchange to gain some extra experience.

What are your expectations of this training course?

I expect to have a great time by learning some new things while exchanging experience and opinions with youth workers from Europe.

What does work with young people mean to you?

I think that youth is our chance to make our lives better,, because our future is based on how educated for life and experienced personalities the youth will have, to make the society work even more efficient and in a better harmony.

Life motto:


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