Anita Šolman Janđel


Anita Šolman Janđel, 36


Experience in developing training course, working with young people, etc.

As a youth worker and a trainer on international projects, I work on the promotion of the EU programs and raising awareness of the EU mobility policy, youth workers etc. I have almost four years of experience working as a trainer on project development of EU projects, assisting educational institutions, school staff, youth workers and young entrepreneurs in the development of their activities and businesses, internationally and working on implementation and quality assessment of Erasmus+ projects. I worked on more than 30 projects on the development of project idea and project activities.

Why have you decided to participate in this project?

My motivation to participate in this project is because I believe it will give me new ‘impulses’ in my work regarding young people, the organization of educational programs and project development. It will help me to improve skills and competences needed in my daily work with youth organizations, young people, educational institutions. I am working on in-house training in the form of workshops, debates, brainstorming activities and similar methods of non-formal education with the goal to create new project ideas and/or to develop some non-formal programs.

What are your expectations of this training course?

This project will for sure make an impact on the quality improvement of workshops and other activities I am working on. Beside that, the project is a great platform for networking, exchanging ideas and good practices, meeting new people, future project partners and similar. Networking is very important for me because of my work with schools, youth organizations, NGOs and their partnerships on Erasmus+ project, KA1 and KA2. Also, participation in this project will have a positive impact on my social and personal development.

What does work with young people mean to you?

As a trainer I work with people, mostly students and I love it! The best thing about it is to be able to make a difference in other people’s lives, showing them wide world possibilities for their personal and professional growth. It‘s like giving people new eyes. My experience in working with different kind of young people has enabled me to develop good communicational and coaching skills as a youth worker.

Life motto:

You can make this world a better place if you live what YOU are made for and if you give the best of you to the world. Strive to learn and to explore always! Reaching out to find new ways and move limits. Then you are able to make a meaningful impact.

The favorite quote: Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you‘ll land among stars!

Social Media:

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