Kiril Jordanov

Kiril Jordanov.jpg

Kiril Jordanov, 27


Experience in raising the awareness of the EU mobility policy, youth workers and etc.

  • Youth in 3D’ Dialogue ‘ Democracy ‘ Decision Seminar / Conference
  • Training – “Theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for entrepreneurs from the field of finances, management and marketing”
  • Course – “six – weeks facilitated course through Beyond Silicon Valley: Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies”
  • Project – Illusions: How to improve your leader skills
  • Project – USEE+: Using Social Entrepreneurship in Erasmus+
  • Project – International youth exchange> Youth for Heritage: The invention of nation – the invention of Europe
  • IPA Cross-Border Programme – “The potential of the heritage in the business sector, Project and business idea development and preparing, Handcrafts presentation and practicing, Practical work – development of a pilot project”
  • IPA Cross-Border Programme – “Preparation of business strategy and business plan, Procedure for preparation of start-up budget, Handcrafts presentation and practicing, Practical work – development of pilot project “
  • Project – workshops for K1– Youth activism, ЕU Programme, Erasmus +

Why have you decided to participate in this project?

I, as the vice-president of the Youth council in the municipality of Shtip and as a person who has experience working with young people and questions concerning young people, I am interested in upgrading in the field of youth. In the period of the last ten year, I have been active and taken part in many seminars, training, courses and workshops regarding young people. Also, I create and conduct projects in order to help young people, to enable their voice to be heard and to increase the involvement of young people equally in society. Meeting all of the needs that young people have goes equally with the success of the country. I plan to deal with young people and questions regarding young people in the future. At the moment I directly work with more than 1500 young people from my country, I also collaborate with young people and leaders of youth organization from all over the world. My biggest motive is my passion and desire for young people to properly develop so we can have a society that will be closer to perfect.

What are your expectations of this training course?

My expectations from this training course are that I will have increased knowledge in the field of young people. Contact with people that work in the same area as me. New ideas and views. Meeting new people, socializing, sharing ideas and experiences. Finding partners, themes, and ideas for new projects. I think that after this training I will be richer with knowledge.

What does work with young people mean to you?

For me, working with young people in the moment is my passion, love, and motive for activity. I look at young people through the prism of the future and the success of society in all areas. Only the involved, quality young people that are ready to take action can surpass the problems they meet. Working with young people is a challenge to work with different characters, characteristics, and habits. Finding the potential in young people and allocating that same potential the right way makes me happy and beneficial to society and young people as an important target group. Young people are the future of a country. The face of the world depends on what kind of youth we make.

Life motto

Everything is possible we just need to find the right path to the goal. In life the most important thing in not to be good, but to be righteous.

Social media

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